What is boudoir photography?
Our Boudoir photography is tasteful, classic, beautiful, and sexy. It’s a way for any woman to appreciate herself and her body.

Lace: $75
60 min private photo session.
1 high resolution print CD, & release form.

Satin: $120
90 min private photo session.
1 8×8 personalized flush mounted album, 1 high resolution print CD, & release form.

Rose: $300
2 hour private photo session, professional hair styling & makeup.
1 8×8 personalized flush mounted album, 1 high resolution print CD, & release form.

Add an 8×8 personalized album to any package $100.00

**A $40.00 non-refundable deposit is required when booking any package**



Example Outfits:

Lingerie for your body type
Bra/Panty Set
Bed Sheets
His clothes or something “about him.”
If you don’t like something about your body it can often be covered with the right outfit.
Feel free to bring props to incorporate in your session. Jewelry is important as well.

Hair and makeup. We highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done professionally…just remember dark make up has a limit. Keep your eyes bright! With a little heads up prior to your session we can arrange professional hair and makeup in studio at an extra charge. We also recommend several local salons that do a fantastic job with boudoir!!

What to bring: As for your wardrobe, keep it fun but CLASSY. We strive to take the classiest boudoir pictures possible for our clients. We can go through 2-3 outfit changes. We leave your favorite choice to go second so that way you can get a feel for the camera and kick your nerves with the first outfit! You should really try to coordinate your outfits. Matching tops and bottoms is greatly encouraged. Most girls are not sure whether to wear heels or not. This is a personal preference to each girl of course but we say BRING THEM! (just in case!)

How nude can you go? Sometimes it’s more about what you don’t show. There are ways to be completely nude and not show a single bit of nudity. We have many poses to make a great teaser photo. Remember this is Boudoir and by definition it is a variation of candid and posed photographs of a person partially clothed or in lingerie. “Nudity is more often implied than explicit.”

Who to bring: We allow a friend to accompany you for moral support or hair checks but we do not allow any children present during a session. We encourage you to leave your significant other at home unless they are part of the shoot. If your male companion is part of the shoot we ensure the boundaries of the session are kept by requiring him to leave his pants or boxers on at all times.

Will my images be kept private? Yes. You can choose to let us share your images in our advertisements or to keep them completely private.